Saturday, September 12, 2009

R.I.P. Ginger

October 10th, 1997 - September 8th, 2009

If my Aunt had taken her to the vets a YEAR ago like she was told and I kept pushing for (shes technically her real owner and the one to pay the vet bill) her to do she wouldn't have died in my arms!
The day of her death my Aunt finally gave into RUSHING her to the vets and spending (now wasting) $400 when it would have been maybe $70
Now the other dog, Zoe, is completly lost and confused and the court isn't the same. Some streets have a Neighborhood watch, we had Ginger. She wouldn't hesitated to attack any animal causing a problem (sometimes she was to stupid to back down and run) and she never lost a fight. Not even with the stupid fox that Animal Control won't do anything about! Yet again the stupid dog should have backed down when it ran across the stream but no she just HAD to chase it further and almost fell into the half frozen stream *sighs* thankfully my male neighbor helped keep it away while I dragged her and Zoe back inside.

This Christmas will be h*ll... Ginger is the first to open her present..
(See my youtube video for proof at: )

I looked outside today feeling horiable because its been raining and shes in the ground getting wet... is that weird? Is it normal to feel like this??

It's been taking a lot of effort to not run outside in the pouring rain and dig her up with my bare hands and just hold her... I never knew that I cared about her this much! I always thought of her as the annoying dog who gets into my art supplies and pees in my room... I never thought I would miss her this much..

She isn't even my dog so when my Guinea Pigs pass... I don't know what I'll be like... Thats a horrid thing I don't ever want to have to think about!!!

NOW ONTO THE OTHER STUFF! I know that Etsy is for handmade stuff only BUT I hate eBay and craigslist didn't work so I figured I'll post the stuff I don't want on there. Like this Misfits Clock for example!
Hopefully tomorrow I can get some good pictures of other stuff... Like a dress from my Aunt's wedding and a horse barn (child's play toy) OH and lets not forget the Porcelain Dolls that I never wanted!
Ehh... I'm going to knit and watch Death Note II again...