Saturday, October 24, 2009

Dopey Doodle's Blanket

I have a new puppy!! YAY! Well.. I've had him for a while now! I've been looking for a bigger crate (found it on Craigslist for only 25 bucks and its big enough for him to have for his entire life time!) and a new bed to go in it! So after looking in pet store after pet store and any place that carried pet supplies I gave up on trying to find one I can afford for his size! SOOO I decided to dig out my old trusty (I guess it is, I've only used it once before!!!) sewing machine and and stitched up a cute clutch to try it out and get my hands back into sewing mode! I got 3/4ths of the way done when it made a weird noise and the thread snapped.. I didn't think anything of it but I took it apart and oiled it up (following the instructions in the book!) and went right back to it! A few stitches in and it did it again, only this time the thread didnt snap but it wasn't sewing! OH NO!! *groans* my gma had a stroke years ago and wouldn't know what to do and my mom hasn't used on from the time she was my age!!

I had my mom finish it up seeing as it got the better of me and I SWEAR THAT THING SMELLS FEAR!! We finished it and stuffed it (till I ran out so now I have to buy more) and I'm VERY happy with my work! It turned out better then I thought it did!!

Skull and Crossbones are the top and the strips are the bottom!

NOTE: The blanket is on a THREE SEAT COUCH! While taking the photos I had to STAND ON A CHAIR!! *nods* Not easy to do in a basement!!!